Agenda » Expositions » L'épave du Tang : Or et céramique chinois du IXe siècle

L'épave du Tang : Or et céramique chinois du IXe siècle
Expositions » Du 21 Janvier 2012 au 17 Juin 2012
In 1998, a shipwreck was discovered in shallow water near Belitung Island in the Java Sea. Careful study revealed this to be a 9th-century Arab merchant ship heavily laden with Chinese ceramics, gold, silver, and other precious objects from Tang dynasty China. 
It soon became apparent that this ship, the oldest Arab vessel discovered in Asian waters, was no ordinary find. It was sailing from China back to the Middle East, where its journey had begun, and it provides direct evidence of the maritime trade between China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East over a thousand years ago. It was carrying some 60,000 objects, including both mass-produced and rare ceramics, exquisite gold and silver objects, and everyday items belonging to the crew. 
The exhibition features more than 130 highlights from this extraordinary shipwreck cargo. Chinese ceramics include exquisite white ware from the Xing kilns of Hebei province, 70 Changsha bowls from the over 55,000 found, and the earliest examples of complete Chinese blue-and-white ceramics known. An exquisite gold cup and a silver wine flask, the first of their kind found outside China, are also on display. The many superb objects are testament to the artistry of Tang craftsmen, who expertly adapted their wares to suit the tastes of foreign markets as far away as present-day Iraq. 
The sheer number of objects found indicates the industrial capacity of China and the huge demand for her products at this time. The Tang shipwreck is a story of the exchange of goods, ideas, and cultures in the region around Singapore a thousand years ago.
This exhibition is organised by the Asian Civilisations Museum and the Singapore Tourism Board. Unless otherwise stated, the objects on display are from the Tang Shipwreck Treasures: Singapore’s Maritime Collection. The acquisition was made possible by the generous donation of the Estate of Tan Sri Khoo Teck Puat. The recovery and conservation of the collection was undertaken by Tilman Walterfang.
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